The vineyard

Pre-phylloxeric vines

The pre-phylloxeric vineyards, with sandy soils, are located in the north of our area, in a village called Alcazarén. The vines were planted here more than 150 years ago, before the phylloxera plague - a parasite that attacked the vines in Europe during 1880 and 1905. The phylloxera is an insect that attacks the roots of the vine, and by drying it the plant dies. In some places due to the location and composition of the soil, the phylloxera could not reach the vines and it did not suffer the plague. The plague did not affect our vineyards because of the sandy soil. These vineyards are our jewel, our little secret.
The viticulture and caring of the vines in this vineyard is being carried out the same way as our ancestors did. The grapes from these vines have a different character, contributing to a longevity and structure in the mouth that other vineyards do not offer. The soil is warmer, advancing the ripening cycle of the grapes. The vines have low yields, but give very aromatic wines.

Stony soil

The characteristic soils in the Denomination of Origin Rueda are of stony soils with limestones. It is a great soil for the vine favouring the permeability and drainage of the water.
The soils are poor in organic matter and not very fertile, and with the amount of stones these soils give wines with mineral character and good acidity.
The vineyard is of moderate yield, and the type of soil helps to favour the great exchange in temperature that we have during day and night (sometimes a difference of up to 20 degrees).
The temperature differences between day and night is what makes Rueda very different from other appellations, contributing to a slower ripening process and an aromatic Verdejo grape.

Long tradition of winemaking

With a long wine tradition in our family, we own 35 hectares of vineyards and control another 190 hectares of the grape varieties Verdejo, Sauvignon Blanc and Viura. These vineyards are both bush vines as well as wire-trained vines. We are lucky to control 9 hectares of some 150 years old vines that were planted before the phylloxera plague. These vines are planted on sandy soil which made the vines resistant to the plague. Year after year these vines gives us sparse but very complex fruit.


of our own vineyards

190 hectares

of controlled vineyards

9 hectares

of pre-phylloxera vineyards


tradition, experience, effort and passion


The vineyard

Hectares filled with life

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